My name is Elena Maltseva and I am happy to welcome you in Saint-Petersburg! A few words abot me:
I am an EzFlow and .ibd. Global Educator, professional trainer, international judge, painter and illustrator and my way in nail service started more than 18 years ago. Among my international victories there are Nail Championships in Germany, Nail Olympics in USA, Nail Olympics in Japan and classes in Italy, Japan, USA, Norway and many other countries. I am now the Head Nail Art Trainer in competition team “VICTORY Russia” and I am happy that my students are now educators all over the world. People say that I have an extraordinary style… Nice to hear. But so many years ago when we starded with EzFlow in Russia there was nothing and I have made a lot of things. Now people say that I am the founder of nail art in Russia and some of the things I have invented are now used all over the world. I am the author of two Nail-Art bookd, which were sold out immediately. Time goes by and I am still full of new ideas, which I can share with you. I invite you to my classes and I am sure that you will like my techniques and ideas. I am happy to invite you to Saint-Petersburg, one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you come in summer, you can combine your education with the tourism. After my classes you will have an international certificate and a full set of tips with all the work we have done. All that you need for the education you will have in my school and you should only take your brushes with you. Please contact me if you want me to arrive to your school and to give classes in your country.Below you will find the techniques I can show you.

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Luxury ethnic ornaments can decorate all ten nails or just the ring finger of your clients. It can simply be a basis for the unusual design. During our class we "put" a hand on the line, studying the brush types and depending on your level, we select the level of difficulty. These nail art is quite simple when you use the "skeleton" of the ornament and then add more and more lines. We work on tips and use gel polish, gel paint, acrylics (powder), dotting tool and accessories. I will give you the art cards which will train your hand on these ornaments and will give your hans the smoothness that you will need. While working with monograms I like to use gemstones, bullions etc. They look amazing!


During this class we will learn how to create on nails the imitation of jewelery items with precious stones. Using different techniques, you will be able to make a truly unbelievable result. We will work with stained glass technique, gel paint, "casting" technique, "dewdrops" technique, and learn to use accessories. Important! I will show you how not to overload the nails with heavy elements and to keep the style.


Portraits of beautiful ladies, mysterious strangers or Hollywood superstars on the ring finger nails  is a stylish accessory that your clients will definitely like. THis class is for experienced nail techs only because you will need your skils to fulfill the trainer's task. All this work is based on contours and thin lines, on shades and transparent brushstrokes. The style and the background is also important and I will give you the rules of composition. These rules are basic painters' rules but keeping them is very important in nail art also. Our course is designed so that regardless of your experience and skills, you will draw a "person". 


It seems extremely difficult to portray on nails a light butterfly, drawing all the small details in its wings. We can do it, and we can teach you! Butterflies can fit on a single nail, and can become a part of the original nail-design. How to draw a butterfly or a dragonfly, what to look for, how to create a sketch and to begin the work -- all this work is here. We will learn how to carry out nail-designs in different techniques: wet thechnique, gel watercolor, fading, stained glass, working with color films, broken glass and gemstones. Our wings are translucent, with transitions of colors and unusual streaks - it all depends on your imagination.


Why geometric nais are so popular among our clients? They love them for the simplicity, grace and most important - the contrast! Look how impressive these lines look on the nails! They will emphasize the elegance of the nail plate and hide all the defrects. I also like the simplicity of making them, because the creation of such designs does not require you to have artistic skills. In this class you wil get a lot of new ideas that will be useful fro you work. I am sure that this style will be popular among your client of so different age: either young girls or elegant women.


I am in love with this product! If you ask me what I like more I will say: acrylic. When EzFlow invented the color powders or glotter powders I opened all the possibilities of this product. I can show you all that I have invented during these years and you will share my passion. The truth about the crylic is that it can fulfill all your creative ideas, abcolutely all!  You can create acrylic bas-relief sculpting, plain art or the lace effect using your dotting tool. We invite nail techs even without acrylic modeling skills, because we will teach you the bas-relief sculpting over the nail surface. You will learn how to work on any surface, including gel lacquer, acrylic and traditional gel. But to completely feel the power of this product I would recommend to lear how to make the inlay arts. You can tell me if you with to see it during our class and I will show you.


After years of the gelpolish domination the acrylic is truly back to beauty salons in Russia. I don't know how does acrylic feel itself in your country but I am sure that this technique will be new for your clients. Be first and be new! So if you are aware of all the possibilities of this product this class is for you! So without sulpting the free edge, you have 2 in 1: nail strengthening and the beautiful design. The total time of this work is 50 minutes! At the same time you do not need to to create arches or C-curve!  Work is carried out over a natural nail plate using acrylic with light glitter for example. It is also possible to put  a single color or it can of a gradient. On the surface of the nail you can also make any nail art.


For me wedding designs are always different from the everyday style ... We wil choose mostly subtle shades, trying to make the nails appropriate for the bride style. This is an unusual day when your hands are in the spotlight. In this class we will explore the colors of wedding nails, look how to combine them with accessories, learn the techniques that will be useful in working on such nails. In fact, you will need just a few colors and techniques to transform any nails into the wedding style! The most important thing - you will take with you dozens of ideas that can instantly show to your client. They will thank you for such a preparation for the most important day!


Feel yourself like a real artist and offer your clients something really unusual! Luxury marine plans or the snow-covered mountain peaks - it is not as difficult as it seems at first. We recommend that you use landscape in nail-artb locally: only on the ring finger or, for example, on the ring and middle. All you will need is a sponge! I will teach you how to work with brush strokes, and many other simple techniques that will allow you to open your new abilities. We will not try to reach to photographic clarity, on the contrary - in our nail-art there is a kind of art negligence. We invite experienced technicians especially those who plan to compete.


A popular trend in Russia: frivolous fruits and berries on a full set of nails or just on one or two. However to make nail art look elegant and impressive, it is important to learn how to create a harmonious and light patterns, keeping natural proportions and lines. During this class we will learn how to create realistic paintings and graphic nail arts. I will also show you my new exclusive technique which allows you to make fruits in syrup. Somebody can say that it's trendy only on summer but I am sure that these ideas are okey in every season! Trust me: your clients will be happy because their nails will look flirty and charming. We will work on tips using gel polish, gel paint, acrylic powder, dotting tool, accessories and builder gels.


I am truly in love with the dotting tool. It is so simple and even a beginner can use it. What's more, you can make amazing nail arts with wet acrylics, with gel polish, tradidional polish and many others techniques! It is a versatile tool, a real lifesaver for the nail technician at any level! You can create dots of different sizes and intensity. And if you work on the wet product you will get the imitation of crackles. In short, while the others stick sliders, you create exclusive designs with your own hands.


The art of stained glass originally came from the deep Middle Ages, and the stained-glass items decorated windows in cathedrals and wealthy homes. It is today a popular interior "trick", and we can offer you to use the stained glass ideas in the nail-art. Everything is built on the lines and color combinations. I also will teach how to "fill" these section so they will look really harmoniously. You can use or transparent either deep colour getting different effect son the nails. We work with different materials so you will combine them and find which is better fro you. You can make this design on all the nails, on the ring finger or decorate them a free edge of the nail!


This technique was developed by me and I hope you will like my exclusive idea. This work is based on a combination of two simple and well-known products: thraditional nail polish and gel. To get an unusual nail art you shold work with your gel polish top coat over the gold or silver nail polish. This gives the effect of an unusual volume drops. We will show you not only the artistic techniques, but also the possibility of combining these techniques with others, such as accessories. 


A great new product for nail art, which allows you to do interesting designs without the skills of modeling! You can work 4Dgel on any surface: over the gel polish or over your gel on the acrylic nails. The adhesion is really wery strong! This malleable product will allow you to realize all your creativity. You can polymerize it slightly in the lamp to lock the shape. Or you can complete all the details and only then to fix the result. This is convenient, especially if you have little experience. You can work by several shades, or can only use white color and then paint the desired part.


Lace always look sexy and attractive. Working in these technique is based on the fine thin lines, so you need to have some basic skills. We do not just draw the lace, we learn how to distribute the unusual designs on nails, combine colors and use available tools and materials. We also use crystals, gems and accessories. In the classroom we use diagrams and sketches, designed personally by me. The secret is that anyone can learn to do this work, because it is built on the principle "from simple to difficult". We work on tips and use gel polish, gel paint, acrylics (powder), dotting tool and accessories.